"I am a client of Sandra Radna for divorce consultation and two real estate transactions within one year. It's been one heck of a year with numerous stressful and troubling developments that kept me up late with worry and angst. I started the year with a divorce and worked early with Sandra in navigating through the process first of divorce, then mediation then reconciliation at which all times Sandra had my best needs in mind, counseling me and reassuring me that all would be well with expert knowledge and friendly caring.

The two real estate deals were also baggage from the marital disruptions and Sandra came to the rescue again with a very talented, customer-oriented team of paralegals and pleasant office staff to answer any and all of my questions. At no time was I concerned of worried with these transactions on the legal side of things thanks to Radna Law's professional services.

My only regret is now that the dust is settled and we are off on a new start together, I will miss my sometimes daily phone calls to the great people at Sandra's office which were always pleasant and informative. I wish the team at Radna Law success and prosperity at their new quarters. G.T."

"If you are reading this, and you are about to go through a divorce, I will offer you the two best pieces of advice I can give; tighten your chin strap, because it is a rough road ahead; the second piece is to retain Sandra Radna.

One thing needed, to get through a divorce, is excellent legal representation and professionalism, which Sandra will offer you at an exceptionally high level. However, at times, you are going to need someone to take the wheel. You may not notice now, but divorce, and the road leading to it, are physically, and emotionally taxing like nothing else. That drain can sap your ability to see, and react clearly. You become short sighted, and sometimes entirely blind. The people near you, friends and family, though vitally important to help you, and sometimes carry you, cannot make the smart, sensible, sound decisions that are required to come through this intact. Sandra has the legal savvy, common sense, toughness and caring soul, you need. She will give you the legal advice, the shoulder to cry on, and the kick in the ass that will get you to the other side. There will be days when you will need one, or all of these. Trust me. In divorce there is no winning and losing, in the traditional sense. Winning, for lack of a better word, is getting to your new life, bringing with you what was good from the old one, and leaving the bad behind. However, with divorce, especially when contested as mine was, your spouse wants you to leave with nothing, or with nearly nothing. As you get angry and resentful, you want to do the same in return. It’s human nature. There are two things that Sandra will not let happen. She will not let anyone take from you, what is rightfully yours: your kids, your money, property, etc. Also, she will not let you fall into the trap of spite. Sandra said to me on more than one occasion, “I am not going to let you do that, [write that letter, or make that irrational request] because that would only be stealing your money, and wasting your time. I will NOT do that”. So in order to get to your new life, a good life, with your soul intact, a smile returned your face, and your kids at your side, you must retain Sandra, and not look back.

This is one example, but there are many. At the time of this particular incident, my ex-spouse and I were still residing in the same house. It was a Friday night, and, long story short, everything hit the fan. Kids crying, grown-ups acting like kids, objects breaking, proper judgement long gone and nowhere in sight. I texted Sandra, and she texted right back. She talked me in from the proverbial ledge, and she defused an explosive situation. Now, only because of Sandra, a bad situation, rapidly heading toward a worse situation, resolved relatively uneventfully. We all got a chance to calm down, and what was likely going to be a night with police, was instead spent watching TV with my girls. And did I mention it was a Friday night? Who does that? Sandra does!!

Sandra clearly demands nothing less from her staff, than she expects from herself. Nicole Scherer, one of her associate attorneys, and Kim Koehler, her office manager, were integral parts of the team that helped me through this extremely difficult process. Not only do they perform their jobs with the highest degree of skill and professionalism, but they also are good and kind people. They care about your case, and do all they can to provide you with the help and answers you need, quickly and comprehensively. However, they also truly care about you as a person, and they never lose sight of that.

Unfortunately, I retained another lawyer prior to Sandra. Basically, it was a disaster. The final straw came during the early stages of the divorce. Some paperwork needed to be attended to, and after weeks of not hearing a word, I called the office. They told me that the paralegal, that was working on my file, had quit some weeks earlier, and nobody had been assigned my case since. AND they billed me for that phone call. So they charged me, to tell me they are NOT working on my case. Really. As I think about it now, it’s almost funny, but believe me, at the time I was far from laughing. This slight was still fresh in my head during one of my earliest conversations with Sandra. I told her, “I'm not your wealthiest client, nor is this your biggest case. BUT, I am my wealthiest client, and this is MY biggest case, please, treat it as such”. I continued to say, “I know it's normal to forget that, for you, this is your profession and your job, but for me it's my life, and the life of my girls”. Sandra told me, for her, it is NEVER just “another case”, and she NEVER treats her clients that way. Sandra promised me this. The last thing that I will say about Sandra is that she always keeps her promises." - M.S.

"Sandra Radna represented me in my recent divorce and I am so thankful for the way she and her associate attorney Nicole Scherer handled it. They made a difficult situation easy with understanding and compassion. I am grateful to have had Sandra handle my divorce and would recommend her to anyone." - L.W.

"Sandra took over my divorce case that was a train wreck and put me back on track. She was able to help me settle my divorce quickly and cleanly. Do not assume anything with Sandra Radna. She is powerful and compassionate simultaneously, a woman who holds her own on every level amongst her clients and peers alike. To experience her at work for you is a comfort and privilege." - D.S.

"I hired Sandra to handle my divorce for me and couldn't be happier with the outcome! I highly recommend Sandra. She really exceeded my expectations." - L.T.

"Having Sandra on my side made all the difference - both in the outcome and in the personal emotional support. Sandra explains the legal process very clearly so you have no surprises and so that you know all of your options and their consequences. Her long experience also is very helpful in keeping the whole process in perspective. Sandra is a jewel in a field of rocks." - H.L.

"Sandra Radna was my divorce attorney. I am very thankful to her and her staff for their dedication and diligence with regard to my case. Sandra spent endless hours making sure every aspect of my crazy case was in order and we were very prepared for whatever circumstance was put forth. Sandra was professional in every way leading up to the court date and during court. She had to deal with my crazy "X" and her attorney and through it all she was my psychologist, coach and voice of reason. I thank her from the bottom of my heart and I thank the Lord that our paths crossed in this unpredictable world we live in. I was in the dark tunnel for a very long time. As the months went by I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then it finally happened... I walked out of the tunnel and saw the light. I must and will move on thanks to Sandra and her staff." - Forever grateful, T.Z.

"Sandra Radna handled my divorce case with professionalism and kindness. Sandra is an extremely knowledgeable attorney and answered all of my concerns and questions and put me at ease. Going through a divorce is a difficult process emotionally and financially. Sandra was there for me whenever I needed her. She was immediate with her replies to my concerns. Whether it be via email, phone, or text, Sandra was quick with a reply and had a solution to any problem at hand. Her office staff was extremely helpful and kind. My ex-husband was very difficult during this time, and Sandra handled the situation with ease. Her billing was fair and reasonable. There were no unexpected costs, and she did not charge for phone time. I would recommend the services of Radna Law to anyone in need of a compassionate and professional attorney." - R.S.

"Sandra took over my case after my attempt at Mediation was unsuccessful. Sandra assessed the situation and quickly put a plan in action. She is extremely knowledgable in the area of divorce law. Sandra is always available to talk by phone or email. She returns calls personally and in a timely manner. Her calmness and professionalism stand out as does her true concern for her clients. Sandra will work extremely hard to ensure a fair outcome for her clients. Her office staff is also top notch and go above and beyond to assist their clients through the divorce process. Although divorce is never an easy process, you will be very happy and satisfied with having Sandra Radna as your attorney." - R.K.

"Sandra assisted me during my divorce process with the utmost respect and professionalism that anyone could ask for. During this difficult time I knew I could count on her to be there for me and guide me through the process after meeting with her from day 1. It was truly a blessing to have dealt with Sandra during this process. There is no other person I would have rather been represented by. She is caring, kind, passionate, easy to communicate with and just a sincere down to earth person. You cannot go wrong in reaching out to Sandra and letting her be of assistance. See for yourself. You too will have the same experience that I had....exceptional!!!

Thank you for your passion and commitment to me during my hardship. I have met many attorneys in my life and I can say you truly stand out on top." - K.G.

"Ms. Radna is compassionate, thoughtful, specific, challenging, patient, and most of all available at all hours of the day. She is a hard worker and will have your back. She is fair with her pricing and I highly recommend this attorney. The court system can be daunting, confusing and frightening however I trusted her and Sandra follows through. She will fight for you and take your concerns and circumstances all into consideration. If you don't hire her as your attorney you would be foolish. I made a mistake with my first lawyer by keeping her to long however had the good fortune that Sandra Radna was referred to me by a good friend. Hire her now - don't wait." -D.M.

"Not only did Sandra Radna stay above the fray with the typical and costly ex-spouse character bashing, but she completely understands divorce law ensuring a fair negotiation process. Her professionalism, respect and empathy were just what I needed during the most difficult time in my life. I recommend Sandra Radna whole-heartedly if you are trying to negotiate a fair and civilized divorce." -W.R.

"Sandra represented me in my recent divorce and I am so thankful for the extraordinary way in which she handled it. She made a difficult situation flow smoothly to a most satisfactory end. I was very comfortable speaking with her about private issues and felt the she was understanding. In other words, I felt that she had my back and that gave me great comfort and confidence. I will always remember and be thankful for her excellent professional service and personal kindness." -M.R.

"Sandra has been my trusted attorney through my divorce and real estate sale. In my profession, I know many attorneys, but it is Sandra who I went to when I needed help. She is knowledgeable, trustworthy, available, thorough, quick, astute, and compassionate. That's what makes a great attorney. That is what makes Sandra a great attorney!" -A.G.

"When going through such tragedy of abuse, divorce and custody you not only need a great attorney with a great staff and who knows the law and maintains integrity; you need emotional support and compassion ; someone who knows your voice when you call and feels what you're feeling. Most importantly; an attorney who's AVAILABLE! During the worst 2 years of my life (this is one time when "personal touch" REALLY matters!) I never felt alone, we were (and remain) in constant contact! The divorce is final and I survived! Thank you Sandra for standing by me and making me feel like I could get through anything and making me feel like I was your only client! LOL! I say that to the woman who never sleeps! Thank you for fighting my fight and just being there for me morning noon and night! We did it! I have my two beautiful children and our home to raise them in and have begun my "new normal"! I will always be grateful for your help in getting me here!" -D.L.

"I highly recommend Sandra after using her to handle my recent divorce. Sandra is an expert in her field and provided me with both direction and guidance. She challenged me to think about my actions and reactions, thus providing me the avenue to a very satisfied result. Her people skills are superlative and she is a tough no nonsense lawyer who strives to obtain the very best results for her clients. Thank you Sandra for a job well done." -J.B.

"Sandra Radna was recommended to me in 2010 when I decided to end my marriage and to settle custody for my daughter. Always having my daughter's and my best interest in mind, Ms. Radna worked tirelessly and explained every step of the process to me in understandable terms thus guiding me through a very stressful period of my life. When I needed an attorney for a real estate transaction in 2011, then, I immediately contacted Ms. Radna. Once again, the matter was handled to my fullest satisfaction. I would recommend Sandra Radna without hesitation to anyone seeking legal advice in her areas of expertise. She is a very capable and personable attorney with an unflappable dedication to her clients" -K.M.

"I retained Sandra Radna to prepare my prenuptial agreement and thereafter to help me with my divorce. I valued and trusted her judgment fully and without question through everything that happened over a period of years with my former spouse and her family. If I panicked from time to time, Sandra was extremely patient with me. In fact if I hadn't had her assistance, I don't think I would have survived this. As it is, I'm back on track with work and everything else in life. A veil has been drawn over the whole affair and the future beckons. I highly recommend Sandra to anyone who needs legal assistance." -A.H.

Divorce is devastating! Custody battles can be the worst experience of your life! Don't do it alone. Do it with a friend. Someone who treats you with kindness and respect who just happens to be the best darn attorney around. True, it's hard, but Sandra makes you feel like you are her only client and you are not alone!" -D.L.

When I think of lawyers, which I have had a few over the years, there is only one that comes to my mind that has made such a great impact on my life and her name is Sandra Radna. She is not only an expert lawyer and knows the legal system, she is a warm, charming human being that really cares for her clients and will go the distance to fight for your rights. While I was going through the worst time in my life over a custody battle and possibly losing my child, Sandra was there for me all the way not only as a lawyer, but as a friend who really cared what I was going through. I was so impressed with her expert knowledge of the legal system that it gave me hope to go through such a terrible time. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had such a great lawyer as Sandra. Needless to say how happy I am with my child. I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone that is going through any legal issues. Thank you Sandra for all the hard work." -T.G.