Daysi Blanco

Matrimonial and Family Law Paralegal

Daysi joins the Law Offices of Sandra M. Radna with years of experience and training as a paralegal. Throughout her time receiving her Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a minor in Psychology from St. Joseph’s College, Daysi never gave up on her dream of pursuing a legal career. Towards the end of Daysi’s time in college, she realized that there was a multitude of good to be done with a cause very close to her heart. Daysi has been an Educator and Community Advocate for Miles for Melanoma since 2016.

Daysi not only brings passion to every project she works on, but she brings an unmatched level of care and compassion to her work as well. This drive for Daysi was only amplified when she interned for the U.S. Federal Courts in the Eastern District and Suffolk County Supreme Court. While interning Daysi saw just how much work there was to be done within the legal system, as well as how important good legal representation is. This is what lead Daysi to joining the Law Offices of Sandra M. Radna. Her years of experience as a student, advocate, business professional and paralegal are what make Daysi such a valued part of our team.

In her free time Daysi enjoys exploring the plethora of stores, farmstands, vineyards and restaurants on Long Island, as well as walking the trails, parks and shorefronts surrounding her.