This post has nothing to do with medical malpractice. Instead, today’s focus is on a broader issue. Communication.

It’s far from a perfect newspaper. But the New York Times has earned its well-deserved spot as a serious source of news, to be consulted regularly by those who care about such things.

And yet, last April Fool’s Day, the Grey Lady got punked, badly, falling head over heels for some fabricated news.  If you can’t remember, or did not see it, get onto Google and school yourself.

There were all kinds of recriminations afterwards, and some well-intended corporate self-examination. So you would have thought that the NY Times would have fool-proofed itself against any future mishaps.  But you would be wrong.  It’s one thing, and quite minor,  for it to have bought into the story of bacon-flavored air, as WINS AM radio reported this morning.  Any of us bacon lovers could have believed that, just because we want so much for it to be true.

But to have fallen for the same type of gag for the second year in a row?  That’s pretty unbelievable.  Bccause it’s still a little early for me, I’m going to let Michael Cernovich over at the Crime and Federalism Blog give you the dotty details.

Be careful out there!

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