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I Can’t Pay Medical Bills for My Injury on the Job in Westchester

An unexpected injury while working on the construction site can suddenly change your life, leaving you to discover that you can’t pay medical bills. Along with those medical bills, you may not be able to work because of your injury, and that means loss of wages. If you were injured while working on a construction site in White Plains or anywhere else in Westchester, you may be entitled to workman’s compensation to help with those medical bills. As construction accident attorneys in Westchester, SR Law can help you in getting that compensation.

Will Worker’s Compensation Help When I Can’t Pay Medical Bills?

Workman’s compensation insurance was created to protect employees and employers in industries such as construction, where the risk of an accidental injury is high. When you are injured on the construction job site in Westchester, it is important to report your injury to your employer within 30 days, as the state of New York requires. Simply reporting the injury to your employer is not going to help pay your medical bills. Most likely you have already been seen by a doctor or had a hospital visit before you could even report the injury. To receive compensation for those medical bills and future bills that have to do with your work-related injury, you need to file a claim for worker’s compensation.

Worker’s compensation is there to recover lost wages for the days you are unable to work due to a work-related injury. Depending on the injury, not only could you lose workdays to immediately care for the injury, but you may also miss days in the future if the injury is severe enough. You went into work one day, ready to complete your job on the construction site, as you always would. You weren’t expecting to be injured. Accidents happen, and it is not your fault. So why should you have to pay the medical bills for an accident that happened on the job? We believe you shouldn’t have to pay those bills. Workman’s compensation is for hard workers like yourself, trying to get back on their feet after a construction site accident.

SR Law is your construction accident attorney.

Although you could try to file a claim on your own, we recommend having a construction accident attorney on your side. At SR Law, your construction accident attorneys, we know the Westchester system well, and will not leave a stone unturned when it comes to your worker’s compensation. We will get it done correctly the first time, and make sure you and your family are protected during this time of uncertainty. We understand that although the injury happened to you, it can affect your entire family and lifestyle. You didn’t just get injured; you have lost time at work, and time is money.

Keep Track of Everything for Worker’s Compensation

If you haven’t already, start keeping track of those medical bills that are piling up. Anything you think may be helpful in proving what the construction site injury is costing you, is important. When you finally receive your compensation, you may have already paid many medical bills. Often times, you can be reimbursed through your worker’s compensation insurance, to make up for the money you had to spend while waiting for the compensation to come through. This is why we urge you to not wait but get the compensation process moving as soon as you become injured on the job. It can seem overwhelming when you are injured. You now have a new issue in your life that has to be dealt with, you worry about how these bills will be paid when you now have to unexpectedly take time off of work. That is where your construction accident attorney can take over, so you can focus on healing, and getting back on your feet.

Call SR Law for a consultation. As construction accident attorneys, we will listen, and get you the answers you need, so you can be on your way to peace of mind, and back to the lifestyle you and your family are accustomed to.

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