Common Types of Eye Surgery Risks

Every type of surgery will carry a certain amount of risk. These risks need to be fully explained by the doctor and other medical professionals before you decide whether to go through with the surgery.

Eye surgery risks exist for any type of surgery that involves the eye, including LASIK and cataract surgery. These risks can increase for those who already have other eye problems or health problems, and the doctors should try to minimize those risks before they go ahead with surgery.

Risk of infection

One of the most dangerous risks associated with surgeries of the eye is infection. There is the possibility of germs getting into the eye during the surgery that can lead to an infection. Patients might feel as though they have sensitivity to light, redness, pain, or vision problems. While these are rare, they can occur.

Risk of handling a laser

Another type of risk with eye surgeries has to do with the doctor’s performance. Issues with handling the laser or other medical devices used in the surgery could cause permanent damage to the eye and even blindness. Retinal detachment, lens fragments, fluid buildup in the retina, swelling, bleeding, droopy eyelids, and seeing visual effects after the surgery could occur, as well.


In some cases, the eye surgery risks become more than a possibility. They become a reality for patients who may have had their surgery performed by a doctor who was negligent, or a healthcare facility that did not take proper care of them after the surgery.

For those who have gone through an eye surgery, and who have had serious problems afterward, the doctor could have been the cause if they were negligent while performing the surgery. If that’s the case, you might have a medical malpractice case on your hands. If you feel that you were injured because of a doctor or because of the care of the medical staff, you should contact a medical malpractice attorney sooner rather than later. Let them know about your case, so they can look at the evidence and determine whether you should file a lawsuit.

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