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Construction Accident Attorney Can Help You Claim Compensation

When there’s an accident at your construction site, a construction accident attorney can help you claim compensation. The amount of compensation you claim depends on the legal claims your attorney helps you file. Construction workers can file a claim against their employers directly for reimbursement of medical bills, salary, future earning capacity and compromised quality of life; however, without the assistance of an attorney there’s a strong chance that the claim would be highly inadequate.

Hire a Construction Accident Attorney

If you’re a victim of an accident at your construction site, it is highly recommended to hire a construction accident attorney who can check the various financial entities and help you get your rightful claim.

A construction project has the involvement of various companies and when you’re working for a single construction site, figuring out whom to file the complaint against could get daunting. The attorney, on the other hand, will help file a personal injury lawsuit against the right companies and hold them responsible for the injury.

There are cases where accidents are caused due to lack of safety gear or safety equipment, low-quality or defective material, or manufacturer negligence. Figuring out which of these claims can be made effective is something a construction accident attorney can help with. When it comes to securing your family following an accident and ensuring you don’t have to struggle for money, it is highly recommended to hire a construction accident attorney.

How Can Hiring a Construction Accident Attorney Help You?

A construction worker is expected to do tedious and dangerous work. This includes climbing great heights, operating dangerous and heavy machinery, and balancing on not-so-stable platforms to complete their job. Even though a construction worker will take all the precautions to ensure they are safe, an accident may occur and a worker could suffer significant injury on the job.

Construction sites happen to be an unsafe environment and the entire area is accident-prone. This is why an injured worker has the right to claim compensation. A construction accident attorney helps advocate the right of the worker and gets them their rightful share so they don’t have to worry about financial shortcomings.

Do Attorneys Know More Than You?

While certain injuries may not seem so serious at first glance, this injury could still bring about a lot of stress on the worker, mentally and monetarily. Missing a few day’s work would mean losing wages and the additional stress of having to deal with medical expenses makes it more difficult for the worker to deal with the situation. Many construction workers tend to ignore minor injuries so they don’t miss a day’s pay. However, this eventually results in deteriorated health conditions.

When there is a serious injury, a construction worker could lose the ability to work in the future. Grave injuries could also mean that the victim would have to go through surgeries, long-term or lifetime treatment, even therapy and rehabilitation. The medical expenses are staggering and the compensation a construction company may offer might not cover these expenses. This is why a construction accident attorney is highly recommended.

These attorneys can help fight for the right compensation for the following:

  1. Medical Bills: A victim endures various medical expenses during recovery from an injury. Sometimes an injury will require that the victim stay in the hospital for a prolonged period and may even need multiple surgeries. These medical expenses need to be accounted for rightfully so the victim can recover properly.
  2. Lost Wages: When a construction worker suffers from an on-site accident, they end up missing time from work. Since construction workers are typically paid by the day, they lose a lot of money during recovery. The construction accident attorney also needs to take into account whether the victim will be able to work post-recovery, or if the earning capacity is damaged.
  3. Emotional Distress: When a construction worker is injured on the job, the entire family suffers. Not only does their pain and suffering make the family worried, but in cases where the victim was the sole breadwinner, it becomes difficult for the family to survive.

A construction accident attorney has the experience needed to successfully navigate the compensation and recovery period.  He or she is able to focus on the bigger picture and can ensure that the victim of the accident gets a rightful claim so they can lead a comfortable life even with all the pain and suffering. While it may take them a while to recover physically, at least they will not suffer financially.

If you have suffered a construction accident injury, the expert attorneys at SR Law are here to help. You can sign up for a free consultation and learn more about what your options are. If you are entitled to compensation, we can have your back in making sure you get it!

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