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Construction Accident Injury in White Plains?

In order to gain the quickest, most thorough results following a construction accident injury in White Plains, you should let a construction accident attorney do the work for you.

Technically, you can file a claim on your own for a White Plains (or Westchester County) construction injury; however, we don’t recommend it.

As with most things that deal with the law, you need to be protected by the security of knowing a construction accident attorney, who specializes in construction job injuries, is working on your behalf.

Trust the Professionals to Get Your Compensation for You

Injuries related to the construction industry are too many to name. They range from small and quickly healed, to large and life changing. When working with the legal system, things can get tricky quickly, if not done correctly. Friends, family, and coworkers might love to give advice on how to file a claim on your own. They mean well, but in the end, this is your injury, your body, and your peace of mind.

At SR Law, we believe in supporting the construction workers in our community. We are passionate about getting you everything you deserve from your worker’s compensation. We won’t settle for less than what is owed to you. You shouldn’t settle for navigating the compensation process on your own, and risk more problems that you don’t need right now.

Don’t Waste Time You Don’t Have

If you have already been paying medical expenses, and losing wages due to your work-related injury, don’t waste any more time or money, trying file a claim for compensation on your own.

At SR Law, we are proud to stand behind the title, construction accident attorneys.

We specialize in getting workman’s compensation into the hands of our clients, as quickly as possible. We know you might be in pain, or still healing from your construction site injury. We know you are worried about the medical bills that are piling up, let alone all of the other bills that will keep coming, even though you may not currently be able to work because of the injury.

Those things don’t stop, and neither do we. If you can focus on your health, well-being, and your family, while we recover your lost wages through worker’s compensation, then we have done our job. SR Law will take the time to fight for you, so you can focus on your fight to heal.

We Know the Requirements and Can Answer Your Questions

As construction accident attorneys, we know all there is to know about worker’s compensation in Westchester County and the surrounding areas.

There are steps, and a process in getting you compensated as quickly as possible. It is not wise to risk missing a step or a deadline, and possibly risk your case. Many questions will arise along the way.

With SR Law on your side, we will be here every step of the way to answer all of your questions. Should you return to work if you are feeling better? What if you return and are hurt again? When should you tell your employer you are injured? Should you let them know you are filing a claim? When will compensation be received? Will I get back pay? How will I pay these medical bills?

These are all legitimate questions, and all deserving of accurate answers. There are many more, and you of course have your own questions also. As your attorney, we are on your side, and we will get you those answers. We want you to receive every benefit possible from your workman’s compensation.

Do not take the filing of a claim lightly. You have one opportunity to do this right. You are working in the construction business to bring home a paycheck, not to get injured and alter your life. Life has to carry on, even after an injury.

No one should have to lose money due to an injury on the job. Call SR Law today for a consultation. We will file that claim for you and protect you and your family along the way.

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