Today at 3:00 p.m., YOU CAN SPEAK TO DIANA LEVINE (WYETH v. LEVINE) ABOUT FEDERAL PREEMPTION.  The program is being sponsored by FireDogLake.com .  Anyone can go to the site, and click through to follow the conversation.  In order to take part in it, according to Christy Hardin Smith, of FireDogLake.com, you need to create a log-in account at the site, which will allow you to post notes to Ms. Levine and actively participate in the conversation.  Information on how to do it is on the blog.

In related news, according to Torts Prof Blog , Congress is investigating the FDA’s medical device review process.   That is welcome and timely news as well.  Apparently, the FDA’s own scientists sparked the congressional investigation because their concerns about unsafe or ineffective medical devices were ignored by federal health officials , according to today’s NY Times .

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