The Injury Board has an ascerbic post by Mark Bello, who discusses one of the more notable examples of  hypocrisy in the debate on tort reform: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants trial lawyers.

And speaking of hypocrisy, Rush Limbaugh declared yesterday that if Democrats used Ted Kennedy’s death to push through their “rationed” healthcare legislation, in would be “hypocrisy” and “insulting,” as reported in ABC News’ Political Punch Blog.  And just to keep things classy, Rush eagerly acknowledged that he was “cracking up” over the mainstream media’s “slobbering” coverage of Kennedy’s death.  Rush’s plan of action?  He promised he was “going to vomit and puke all over everyone with this analysis today.”  We can’t wait.

Continuing with today’s hypocrisy theme, a local Jewish Grandma who used to get a kick out of her black daughter-in-law’s stand up routine, which poked fun at the traditions of her Jewish husband’s family, has suddenly decided that she finds the material offensive, according to Gothamist .  And what is the connection to the law here?  Well, naturally, Grandma has decided to sue her daughter-in-law for defamation.

On a more serious note, the NYT’s Prescriptions Blog  discusses how Ted Kennedy’s singular talent for forcing compromise among his colleagues from both parties will be missed, and how its absence might endanger the ultimate goals of improving healthcare and access to it.

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