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I Fell Off a Ladder at Work in New York, and Now My Back Hurts

It can happen… you go into work on the construction job site, just like any other day. You climb a ladder like you often do at work, only this time you slip and fall. “I fell off a ladder at work in New York, and now my back hurts!”

Maybe there wasn’t enough protection under you. Maybe the ladder was too slippery. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your back is now paying the price.

I Fell Off a Ladder at Work So It Must Be My Fault

There aren’t many industries that put you at more risk than the construction industry.

You have probably had plenty of close calls even before you slipped off the ladder.

That is why in every state, employees and their employers are both considered at “no fault” when a work-related injury occurs. This, combined with workman’s compensation, protects the employee and the employer. What matters is the injury and the change it has caused in your life.

  • How is it affecting you financially?
  • How much time have you had to take off of work?
  • Is there permanent damage?

These are the issues at hand, and no, they are not your fault. You should be covered by worker’s compensation insurance.

The Back Pain Didn’t Show Up Immediately

Report something like a fall immediately so it is recorded.

Any possible injury on the construction job site in New York, including a fall from a ladder, needs to be reported within thirty days. This will protect you if need be, in the future.

Sometimes, the pain from a back injury such as a fall from a ladder may not show up immediately. If it does, you might brush it off, thinking it will go away. You decide not to file a claim for worker’s compensation because it is just a sore back.

Some time goes by, and your back is getting worse. Now it is hard to work, and your life is becoming negatively affected by it. You retrace your steps and realize it had to be when you fell off a ladder a while ago.

Don’t worry – in the state of New York, you have up to two years to file a claim after an injury on the construction job site. It is best to file your claim as soon as possible, but we understand, some injuries don’t show up the day they occur.

A construction attorney can navigate the confusion of what to do about your construction accident injury. Don’t take chances trying to deal with this issue on your own.

A Construction Accident Attorney Can Help You Get Worker’s Compensation

As a construction worker, you are at risk for a multitude of injuries – back injury being a very common one. On a construction job site, the environment is ripe for your back to be hurt. Daily, your back is exposed multiple times to heavy lifting, constant bending at the waist, heavy tools which can’t always be lifted correctly, and heavy tool belts.

It is no surprise at all that back pain and injury are common in the construction industry. You are not the first person who fell off a ladder at work!

But being common doesn’t make it acceptable. The construction accident attorneys at SR Law in White Plains and New York City understand that you should not simply accept the back injury as a part of your profession.

You work hard to pay your bills and contribute to the community. If you were injured on a construction job site in Westchester, and now it is negatively altering your life, physically, and financially, you deserve workman’s compensation.

Whether your back-injury pain showed up immediately, or later, we will fight for your compensation. Once your injury is reported within the thirty-day window of it occurring, your compensation claim can be filed within two years.

We will file for you, and stand beside you, making the process a smooth one. Back injuries affect more than your back. It affects your family, finances, and well-being. You may be in for months, years, or even a lifetime of rehabilitation for your back. Worker’s compensation was put into place to protect you. It is there to help you get through this time of healing, and to support you in the future as well.

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