Important Things to Know About Elevator Accidents

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, you likely come across elevators on a regular basis. They are found in high-rise buildings, office establishments, malls, and more. In most cases, people ride an elevator without any problems. However, accidents can happen. The most dangerous of all is when the elevator shaft is involved. If you’ve been in an accident in an elevator and have injuries, you may need a personal injury attorney to assist you.

The Risks of Falls in Elevator Shafts

Elevator accidents aren’t something that happens often, but when they do, the consequences can be far-reaching. With nearly a million elevators in the United States, they are more common than escalators. This makes it unsurprising that more people are injured in elevators than escalators each year.

Falling into an open elevator shaft is highly likely to create injuries and leads to the highest number of fatalities where elevators are concerned. The shaft of an elevator is a vertical hole inside the building which allows the elevator to move from one floor to the next. It is an enclosed space created for the elevator car to move. There are many causes of elevator shaft falls, including:

  • Elevator surfacing
  • Opening a shaft way door incorrectly
  • Removal of passengers from a stuck elevator by someone untrained
  • Door interlocks that are defective
  • Equipment malfunctioning
  • Failure by owners to notify users of in progress maintenance work

Considering Liability in an Elevator Accident

One of the most important things to consider with an elevator accident case is what or who caused the problem. Sometimes it might be one person; other times it might be several of them. If the elevator was poorly maintained leading to the issue, the company who should have been maintaining it might be liable. If there was a defect with the elevator, the company that made it might be liable. Regardless of the personal injury case, you may be able to seek damages for the accident.

Personal Injury Attorneys Can Assist

If you have been in an elevator accident, you’re likely dealing with a lot. We recommend getting in touch with an attorney if you have been injured in an accident involving an elevator shaft. The experts at Barovick Law can help you get the compensation that you deserve for your pain and suffering and assist you with moving forward in life.

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