Medical Malpractice: Failing to Evaluate a Pregnant Women’s Pelvis

There are dozens of reasons that a physician should perform a pelvic exam when a woman is going through pregnancy. Evaluating the pelvis can help determine if there are any infections or abnormalities present. In addition to that, this medical procedure helps a doctor determine the size of the cervix and pelvis. This can offer insight into whether there is cervical weakness that might lead to preterm labor or a miscarriage.

When Should Pelvic Exams Take Place?

In most cases, an evaluation of the pelvis takes place early on in pregnancy. If there are no issues found, there may not be another done until about 36 weeks into pregnancy. The second exam is done to check for any cervical changes since the first. Following this exam, more may be required as requested by the doctor to determine when a woman has gone into labor.

Consequences of Not Having a Pelvic Exam

As mentioned earlier, the pelvic exam can determine if a pregnant woman might have a condition that could lead to a miscarriage or early birth. A doctor who does not go through with this examination or who does not complete the exam properly may be open to a medical malpractice suit. That is because this can show negligence in the form of not offering needed care. It can also lead to harm, since the baby’s health may be at risk when treatment options might be available if the information was known.

Reasons for a Pelvic Exam During Pregnancy

There are several reasons that a doctor needs to perform a pelvic exam during pregnancy, including:

  • Painful intercourse
  • History of infertility
  • Gynecological problems
  • Concern about cervical problems
  • Need to check on the state of the cervix and whether induction is required

When a doctor causes injury to the mother or child during pregnancy, this is an example of medical malpractice. There are many different situations that fall under this heading, including wrongful birth, wrongful pregnancy, or injury to mother or the child. However, all of these situations are different and have unique rules. That’s why having a medical malpractice lawyer in your corner is so important.

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