Must-Have Safety Items to Look for on the Job Site

It is important to be protected when you work in the construction industry. It’s one of the most dangerous jobs out there with possible accidents from being struck, slipping and falling, getting caught in machinery, or even being electrocuted. There are certain pieces of safety equipment that should be present before you step onto a job site as a worker. If you already work in construction, this can offer you some insight into whether any important protective items are missing.

Visibility Aids

Whether you are doing your work in a dark building or on the side of the road, being visible is crucial. Having safety shirts, vests, and other visibility aids can ensure you are seen before an accident can occur. On top of that, the entire crew is easily seen. If an emergency happens, accounting for everyone would be easy.

Electrical Lock Outs

Another serious problem that can occur on construction sites is electrocution. This can cause serious injury or even death. However, being aware of basic electrical safety can go a long way. There should be electrical lock-outs placed on all circuits that aren’t currently being used to prevent injuries.

Safety Barriers

If you are doing any work up on higher levels, scaffolding, or by holes and trenches, there should always be safety barriers in place to prevent serious accidents. The barriers should be strong and sturdy, to the point where they can easily catch someone who goes sliding into them on the work site. Make sure they are visible for workers.

Traction Assistance

If you are working and you start to slip, then that can easily turn into a fall which can lead to minor or serious injuries. For instance, if you are driving a vehicle that can’t grip the road, it could slide into numerous people and harm them. Things like wearing cleats on boots, cleaning up oil spills, and using construction pads can ensure a higher level of safety.

First Aid Kits

No matter where you are working and what you are doing, there should always be a mandatory first aid kit in the area. It should not be locked up somewhere since you may need access in a hurry. A proper work first aid kit can prevent injuries and accidents from getting worse.

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