For the third consecutive year, medical malpractice lawsuits paid out more in New York last year than in any other state. Recently, the medical malpractice insurer Diederich Healthcare released its annual report detailing which states within the United States have the highest and lowest medical malpractice award payouts. Malpractice payouts started to rise in 2013 and have continued to increase at a steady pace since then. The 2016 findings were based on analysis of the medical malpractice payouts in 2015 as recorded by the National Practitioner Data Bank.

Since 2013 New York State has ranked the highest in the U.S. for its total payout amount. This year, New York held its first-place standing with $711,718,250 total malpractice awards paid out ($35.95 per capita).

Payment amounts varied based on the type of malpractice allegation and severity of outcome. The malpractice allegations that reaped the highest payouts involved diagnosis, surgery and treatment while obstetrics, medication and anesthesia were among the lowest. Malpractice cases where death was the outcome accounted for the highest payment amounts at 30 percent of the total. Significant permanent injury ranked second highest with 18 percent, and major permanent injury and quadriplegia, brain damage and lifelong care tied for third highest at 16 percent.

Award payouts also varied based on gender and age demographics. Females accounted for 52 percent of the total payments, whereas men accounted for 47 percent. Middle-aged patients were ranked the highest for total award amounts.

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