• Did the fertility docs who impregnated the California woman who just birthed octuplets commit medical malpractice?  In light of the mother’s reproductive history, that is a question that merits serious consideration, according to Washington State’s News Tribune .
  • Head of Illinois Trial Lawyers speaks out against tort reform that unfairly penalizes those plaintiffs who are most in need of damages awards.
  • New York Court Watcher finds that Jonathan Lippman, nominee for Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, is not anti-plaintiff.
  • Time waiting to see your doctor should be factored into the cost of healthcare in this country, according to Alan Kreuger , in today’s NY Times  Economix Blog .  You, like an acquaintance of Mr. Kreuger’s, may want to present your doctor with a bill for your time after being kept waiting for an inordinately long time.  After all, time is money, even your time.
  • Justice Ginsburg appears to have an improved prognosis, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog .   This news is quite refreshing, given last week’s macabre speculation in the blogosphere about possible successors.  As most of you know, Justice Ginsburg was just operated on for pancreatic cancer, and had previous surgery for colon cancer.

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