Your doctor examines you, and in the process, proves himself an incompetent creep with not a hint of a bedside manner.  You’d like to share your experience online, so that other potential patients don’t make the same mistake.  Can you do it?  Maybe not, if “Medical Justice” has gotten to your doctor first.  According to ZDBet Healthcare , this organization provides physicians with forms that the physicians can persuaude patients to sign before receiving treatment, which forms prevent the patients from later criticizing the doctor online.

Jeffrey Segal, who runs the Medical Justice site, claims he is not out to suppress patients’ right to review their doctors.  He is concerned by the lack of regulation of sites that allow for such complaints, such as , , and , where over-the-top, inflammatory comments are not unheard of.

Segal points to as a more scientific site that he may be able to support.

That Mr. Segal is seeking a better, more methodical approach to online reviews of doctors is laudable.  His method, which seem analagous to burning books, is not.

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