Hopefully you have all seen the steering wheel desk for sale at  The important thing is the “comments” section.  Many are hysterically funny.  And they should be, since they are in response to an idea that is ridiculous and frightening all at the same time.

Interestingly, a steering wheel desk has received the recent attention of the Appellate Division, Third Dept., after a driver who “may” have been using one crashed into and injured two passengers in another car.  According to today’s New York Law Journal , such a desk served as the resting place for a laptop computer, the screen of which was flipped up and “turned on, indicating recent use,” according to Justice Anthony T. Kane.

As a result of this evidence, obtained in large part by the tow truck driver who responded to the scene of the accident, the Third Dept. has ordered that the cell phone records ( there were 3 in the car, along with the laptop, at the time of the accident) as well as the wireless air card from the laptop, be subject to disclosure in the lawsuits filed by the injured passengers, who contend that the driver of the vehicle that hit them may have been distracted by his electronic communications devices.

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