Struck-By Accidents Suffered by Construction Workers

Not only is the construction industry a vital part of our world, but it can also be one of the most dangerous. When working at a site that is always shifting and evolving with plenty of moving items, it isn’t uncommon for someone to be struck by an object. Based on data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 10% of construction-related deaths are the result of being hit by an object.

Flying Object Accidents

Sometimes this might occur based on a flying object that strikes a worker. This could be a component on a machine, a tool or another piece of equipment that hits the worker. An item that is expelled from a machine or tool can also hit a worker, such as a nail coming from a nail gun. In addition, compressed air can cause an object to fly a large distance and hit a worker.

Falling Object Accidents

Another issue at construction sites, especially those that are high structures, is the possibility of falling items. When coming from a great height, this can be extremely dangerous. One example of that would be a crane that drops an item or breaks and falls onto a worker. A worker might also be hit by an object placed on scaffolding above their head. Structures can also break, and parts can hit someone working underneath.

Swinging Object Accidents

Since pulleys and cranes are often used at construction sites, there are often things swinging around on a job site. If these things are not handled in the proper way, a swinging object can lead to major injury or death. An example of this is an extension cord that snaps while a load is being lifted, causing the load to swing and smash into a worker. The end can also swing and rope around to hit a worker.

Rolling Object Accidents

The final type of struck-by accident to be aware of involves rolling objects. With many vehicles and other types of equipment at a work site, someone could be hit by an unmanned vehicle or a rail car that has no driver. Materials can also roll down a structure to hit a worker.

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