According to medical researchers specializing in the care and treatment of newborns, there has been a rise in traumatic birth syndrome — the effects of which could adversely affect a newborn’s well-being.

Traumatic birth syndrome describes the presence of trauma-induced skull and spinal damage and spinal misalignment as a result of the birth process. The trauma on the newborn is magnified by the supine position of the mother (lying on her back), the force she applies to push the baby out, the use of drugs to ease the mother’s pain and induce labor, and the use of surgical interventions. After the birth, the baby may experience vertebral subluxation.

During the pushing stage of labor, the spine may be injured as the fetus is compressed and pushed down the birth canal. The main cause of subluxation is the pulling, twisting and compression of the infant’s spine during birth. If something alters normal birth, subluxations will occur at the greatest point of stress (the upper and lower cervical vertebrae). In severe cases, these can result in more obvious clinical nerve damage (such as paralysis), but more frequently subluxations are unnoticed by physicians and parents until later in the child’s life.

Children with traumatic birth syndrome may suffer from the following: colic, sleep disorders, symptoms of lowered immunity, poor development and more. Some subluxations have been found to be severe enough to lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

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