In today’s post, MD WhistleBlower , a/k/a Dr. Michael Kirsch, discusses his sympathetic view of Big Tobacco. He believes that tobacco companies have been demonized by the government and press.  I disagree, based on the reasons I discussed in my last blog post.  In essence, Big Tobacco is the powerhouse behind the tort “reform” propaganda campaign that seeks to let corporations remain unaccountable to consumer/victims–even corporations like tobacco giants who market their poison to children.

And speaking of unethical behavior, Michigan’s Blue Cross Blue Shield has been caught in the act of fraudulently enriching itself, and is now facing several lawsuits, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Many doctors and hospitals have engaged in a type of unethical behavior for a long time. Here’s how it works.  When a medical error occurs, instead of acting responsibly, they fall back on the policy of “deny and defend.” But apparently, this does not make sense, and continuing to utilize it is contraindicated , to use a medical term.  Will it stop?  Don’t hold your breath.

And because I, for one, am thankful for the good doctors who usually get it right, here is a tip for you if you are considering moving your work entirely to a hospital setting.   Make sure you have liability coverage.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody.

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