You knew it was going to happen.  The combination of texting and walking would lead to disaster, or at least, cuts and scrapes. Which would be followed by a negligence suit .  Yes, a Staten Island teen attempting to do both at once did not see the open manhole that she subsequently stepped into, and is now bringing a suit because she apparently feels that her accident came about through no fault of her own.

Hmmmm!  Didn’t some giant of the bar warn about just this type of suit a while back?  Oh, yeah!  It was me!  I don’t mean to suggest that there is any merit to the case being brought by this unfortunate young woman in Staten Island.  But wouldn’t all such suits be nipped in the bud by a new law banning texting while walking?  And what about people who become injured as a result of such inattention by texting walkers?  And so, without further adieu, I now officially call on Albany to take a break from the important work of following the perverse ways of Pedro Espada and company, and pass a law banning this dangerous behavior (seriously).  Am I being a legal Chicken Little?  Let’s just wait and see.

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