• MEDICAL MALPRACTICE PREMIUMS DOWN NATIONWIDE- Renal and Urology News  reports that premiums have stabilized for most physicians, and that over 40% actually paid lower premiums over the last year.  The report was based on a survey conducted by Medical Liability Monitor, which looked at three subspecialties:  internists, general surgeons and OB/GYNS.
  • WASHINGTON SHINES LIGHT ON COZINESS BETWEEN INDUSTRY AND PHYSICIANS – Barry Meier reports in today’s NY Times that concerns about conflicts of interest between drug and device manufacturers on the one hand,  and doctors and hospitals on the other, have reached our nation’s capital.  Two senators have introduced legislation that would require the manufacturers to disclose all financial ties to physicians on a federal website.  The best part is the name of the bill:  the Physician Payment Sunshine Act .

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