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Should I Let My Company Know I am Filing a Claim?

The short answer is “yes”.

It is required by the State of New York that you let your company know you have sustained a work-related injury on the construction job site.

It is important to understand the time-frame, and how to go about letting your employer know you have been injured and are filing a claim. Doing everything correctly in the beginning will reduce the possibility of problems down the road as you seek your workman’s compensation. Your best bet to make sure all is done correctly, and your worker’s compensation will be granted to you in a timely manner, is to work with a construction accident attorney.

Time is of the essence when filing a claim

In Westchester, you are required as a construction employee to let your employer know you were injured on the construction job site within 30 days of the injury. Allowing 30 days to pass, and then reporting the injury, could result in no compensation.

The claim, however, can be filed up to two years after the injury is reported. There are many things to consider, to make sure you are not accused of embellishing or manufacturing a false claim. Considering the timing may affect that. Also, you should not have to pay all of the medical bills incurred so far and, in the future, for a job-related injury, or suffer for wages already lost. Reporting the injury and filing a claim sooner than later, will get the process for your compensation moving, and get you financially secure again.

For this reason, a construction accident attorney is your safest choice in protecting you from such accusations and recovering your wages promptly. Time is of the essence when it comes to filing a claim.

Put your notice in writing

We don’t recommend you simply give your employer a call and tell him you have been injured and are filing a claim. Of course, immediately following an injury, you may have to leave the job site to rush to the doctor or hospital. In that case, obviously, you will probably let your employer know you are leaving and have been injured. But as far as formally letting them know that the injury has cost you time and money, and you will be filing a claim and pursuing worker’s compensation, it is best to put that into writing. In fact, your employer will most likely have a form which may be used to do so. This is where a construction accident attorney may also be necessary. Once statements are put into writing, and signature lines are signed, it is nearly impossible to go back and change or add to what you have previously said. Allowing a construction accident attorney to fill any necessary forms out with you, or write any necessary letters, will ensure you are covered, and your statements and claims are thorough and helpful.

Play it safe and hire a Construction Accident Attorney

At SR Law, we understand the laws concerning workman’s compensation in New York. We also understand the urgency of your case as you await your much-deserved compensation. You have, or will have many questions, which is completely understandable. Your life may be drastically affected by a work related injury, and you need to know how the medical bills will be paid, and how you will obtain wages you deserve, when you can’t go to work due to an injury.

Our job is to listen and accurately answer those questions for you and guide you through the compensation process. Our focus as construction accident attorneys is recovering wages, and securing worker’s compensation for our community’s construction workers. We appreciate and respect your hard work. The short answer to the question, “Should I let my company know I am filing a claim?” is, “Yes.” How you go about making that claim known will make a difference in the outcome. Call SR Law today for a consultation. Let’s get you back to where you need to be.

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