If you were as repulsed as I was by the whitewash treatment received by former governor Elliot Spitzer by U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia, you will be pleased to learn that he will be leaving his post shortly for a job at New York law firm Kirkland & Ellis, according to Dan Slater , writing in The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog today. His article takes a succinct look at how Garcia did over his three years in the Southern District of New York.

Jen Chung , in today’s Gothamist , reveals how Governor Paterson intends to seek billions of dollars worth of cuts to Medicaid, due to the $12.5 billion dollar deficit with which he is now saddled. This is sure to contribute to the overall decline in the number of people even bothering to seek medical care, for the patients on the sharp end of the Medicaid cuts will join the ranks of the uninsured, the underinsured, and the insured who are reluctant to shell out for their often steep co-payments. Gov. Paterson, ever the pragmatist, says that while he feels “pain in his stomach” over the cuts, he’ll respond to the anticipated protests by saying, “What’s your idea?”

And finally, in the Legal Medicine Blog , we learn, courtesy of its post entitled “Excellence in Radiology,” that there is at least one radiologist out there who is providing anything but excellence. For example, the radiologist found cysts in the uterus of a person without one. Fortunately, he has been suspended by the states of Oregon and Washington, where he practiced (without, apparently, getting any better–sorry, couldn’t resist).

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