What to Do After Experiencing a Caught Between Workplace Accident

Construction work is one of the riskiest and most dangerous jobs out there. Workers in construction must face challenges that would never be present at other jobs. This job is a vital one, but accidents do happen. A caught between accident is one where a worker has one or more body parts caught in something or crushed. Construction sites have many dangerous materials and plenty of heavy machinery, so these accidents are more common there.

Caught Between Accidents May Involve:

  • Having a body part caught between two objects
  • Materials that cave in on a worker
  • Improperly exposed machines causing injuries
  • Having a machine pull in a body part
  • Having materials collapse and lead to crushing
  • Being run over by a piece of equipment

Common Types of Injuries:

  • Serious damage to internal organs
  • Crushed or broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Contusions or deep cuts
  • Amputations

If you or someone you know has a workplace injury involving a caught between accident, then legal counsel is a must. Your safety is a responsibility of your employer and they may be held accountable for injuries and required to offer you compensation.

Common Causes of Caught Between Accidents

There is a group of four construction accidents known as the “fatal four,” which make up most of the injuries within the construction industry. There are many causes for these incidents, including:

  • A lack of safety guidelines
  • Equipment that is improperly covered
  • Inadequate training or preparation
  • Malfunctioning machinery
  • Excess physical and mental pressure

If you have experienced one of these injuries, it can be debilitating or fatal. You may be eligible for compensation based on the negligence and carelessness present on the construction site. Those who are loved ones of someone who died due to these injuries can also work with an attorney for compensation due to loss.

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