Who Is Liable for My Workplace Injury?

If you are like some people, or you have been injured at the workplace, you may think the only compensation you can expect will come from your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. While this may be true in sometimes, it isn’t always the case. There are many exceptions where you may be capable of suing for damage based on your injuries.

The Basics of Workplace Injuries

Worker’s compensation offers benefits and money to a worker who is injured. Both permanent and temporary disability payments are often low and do not take into account your pain and suffering. It also does not punish an employer who may have created dangerous conditions or not put proper safety systems into place. This is exactly why it’s important to understand your options and what kind of case you can bring beyond worker’s comp.

Injuries by Defective Products

Let’s say you were at work one day, but you were injured while working on a piece of equipment that was defective. In this case, (as well as if the machinery is dangerous or did not work properly), the company that manufacturers that machine may be liable for your injuries if they were aware of the danger and didn’t warn your employer. This manufacturer may be forced to compensate for your lost wages, medical bills, and suffering.

Injuries by Toxic Substances

Some workplaces store and use chemicals and other substances that are toxic, which can lead to illness or injury. Some of the most common substances include radium, asbestos, silica, benzene, and chromium compounds, but any chemical that harms you may make the option of a toxic tort lawsuit a possibility. An attorney like the ones at Barovick Law can explain your legal rights and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Injuries by a Third Party

In some cases, an employee may be injured on the job, but the employer is not at fault, neither is a dangerous machine or substance. Instead, it might be the fault of another person. If this is the case in your situation, you may have the option of suing them for damages.

The best way to find out what your options are is by speaking to a personal injury attorney at Barovick Law. You can learn more and ask any questions you have, and we’ll help you get the compensation you deserve for your workplace injury.

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