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Workplace Safety and What You Need to Know

The safety of the workplace is important both for workers and employers alike. Depending on where you work, there are likely a large number of different hazards which can result in injury. In order to stay safe in the workplace, it’s important to know what some of the most common hazards are and how to handle them best.

Working at High Heights

It’s likely not a surprise that working up high is dangerous. Doing work on ladders and scaffolding makes up a large amount of the injuries seen in construction environments. If fall protection is not provided, it is much more likely a problem will occur. Workplaces should have a process or procedure in place for falls as well as the proper equipment to prevent injury if someone falls from a large height.

Forklift Related Hazards

Forklifts are large pieces of machinery and they can become dangerous, especially when someone is under pressure to use them quickly. When people find themselves under pressure, they are more likely to ignore safety standards and do whatever is needed to get the work done fast. Lack of maintenance can also be a concern in the workplace. Forklift drivers should also be retested and retrained to ensure they can do the job well.

Getting Plenty of Breaks

A worker who is tired or burned out is more likely to experience work-related illnesses and injuries. Taking the time to go on your breaks will help you feel fresh when you step back on the floor. One of the best tips we can offer is to schedule the most challenging tasks you have when you have the best concentration available, either right after reaching work or following a lunch break.

Utilize Mechanical Aids When Available

Rather than attempting to lift or move something that is extremely heavy to save a few minutes of work, using a mechanical aid that is available is the better option for your safety. Use a crank, wheelbarrow, conveyor belt, or a forklift instead of pushing yourself too hard. Many people risk injury by attempting to lift items that weight too much.

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