Child Custody

Helping you with compassion and care

When you are divorcing, what is in the best interest of your children is crucial when deciding which parent will have custody. We work with you with care and compassion to protect your rights, and advise you about your legal responsibilities when it comes to deciding custody and support arrangements. At Law Offices of Sandra M. Radna, P.C. you receive one-on-one attention with our team of compassionate Long Island and New York City Child Custody attorneys.

Seeking custody of your children?

Either parent, mother, or father, may be awarded primary custody of the children. When determining this arrangement, the court looks beyond gender and focuses on the best interests of the young ones in question.

We listen carefully to your needs and your hopes for your negotiations. You know your children better than anyone; we work with you to understand how the law applies to your case and how it can work in the best interests of what you feel is best for your loved ones.

If your case is taken to trial, the court will want to review the following points:

  • The physical location of each parent in relation to the children’s current school and social lives
  • The wishes of both the children and the parents
  • Any history of abuse and the health of the relationship between the children and each parent
  • Work schedules and personal lives of each parent

Family Law issues are frequently some of the most emotional and overwhelming types of legal matters that a person can go through. After all, the essence of family law is that some fundamental aspect of your family is about to change.

Whether you are simply looking for help handling a straightforward Family Law settlement, or you require tenacious legal assistance as you fight for you child’s best interests, our team of Melville and NYC Family Law attorneys will help you achieve your goals.

Joint custody vs. sole custody in New York

Even when one parent is awarded sole custody of the children, the non-custodial parent has the right to have parenting time or visitation scheduled with the children. Visitation arrangements are another significant part of Child Custody negotiations. Whether you’re seeking sole custody or willing to work out a joint custody arrangement, with Law Offices of Sandra M. Radna, P.C. you’re never just another case number. You are a parent looking for what’s best for your children.

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