Slip/Trip and Fall

Representing NYC and Long Island Clients Injured by Property Owner Negligence

Accidents happen all the time, especially when it comes to Slip/Trip and Fall injuries. Unfortunately, many of these accidents could have been prevented had property owners and managers taken better care of their space. SR Law represents individuals injured by ignored safety hazards on another person’s property.

Determining Negligence for Slip & Fall Cases

In order to establish reasonable proof that your injury occurred through someone else’s negligence, the court will want you to present certain key facts when it comes to the property on which your injury occurred. Our experienced lawyer reviews these points with you, helping you to recall the circumstances surrounding your injury.

The court may want you and your attorney to establish:

  • The property owner or manager was aware of the safety hazard that led to your injury
  • The safety hazard could have been, but was not, addressed properly
  • The victim was not acting irresponsibly while traversing the property

Even if the court assigns a percentage of the fault with you, the negligent party may still be responsible for a percentage of your compensation. They will review your accident and medical reports in order to determine which party is ultimately responsible for your injury.

How Long Does a Slip And Fall Case Take to Settle in NYC and Long Island?

Many times, slip and fall cases are more complex which involve hazardous property conditions. It is possible to resolve a claim within several months, but the more issues at hand will increase the duration, sometimes up to several years.

What Should I do Immediately Following a Slip & Fall?

If you’re injured on someone’s property and are able to do so, take photographs of the area in which the injury occurred. File an official incident report with the property manager and take down your own notes. Keep all hospital and medical records relating to the report so the court has a good idea of the treatment you received and any further care you might require.

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