You’re Getting Divorced… Now What?

You should know what to expect when you’re getting divorced.

“You’re Getting Divorced… Now What?” was written to give you the armor of knowledge required when your divorce is being decided in divorce court. There is comfort in recognizing that you are not alone. “You’re Getting Divorced…Now What?” will accompany you through your journey and help you get from your B.D. (Before Divorce) life to your A.D. (After Divorce) life.

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Praise for “You’re Getting Divorced… Now What?”

“Real life stories not only illustrate how each experience varies, but also gives the reader a sense of community, support, and the knowledge that they are not in this experience alone.”
Joelle A. Perez, Esq.

Peacemaker Divorce Mediation

“Sandra helps you identify the myriad of emotions one goes through and helps you plan and get ready for what lies ahead… first-hand accounts help you to realize you are not alone.”
Chris Pulitano

New Beginnings Divorce Mediation

“[This book] covers everything! Emotions, checklists, finances, expectations, relatability and so much more. Wow. I can’t even imagine how this would’ve changed the hell I went through.”
Christy Smith

Divorced mother of two

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